Our anti-vehicle ram Barriers

DFense Fortress Inc., whose main objective is the protection of crowds and infrastructures, is proud to offer this quality local product: our anti-vehicle ram barrier.

The barriers, manufactured and designed in the city of Laval, Canada, are modular, removable, easy to install and above all very effective against impending vehicle attacks.

Our barriers adapt easily and quickly to different situations and events, thus ensuring the safety of event participants and allowing emergency vehicles to enter the site if necessary more quickly and efficiently.

Barriers can also be used to block access to a building.

Locally manufactured

The barriers are made in Quebec, Canada

Replacement parts

Easy and fast repair

Standards and requirements

The standards and certification requirements will be formalized through crash testing.


Safety management has always been rooted into our core values.

Personalization and accessories

The barriers are customizable and can accommodate promotional and dissuasive accessories.

Safety recommendations

Recommendations and advice can be offered to our clients according to each mandate.


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