Discover a new force

Generated low output voltage emitter

Gants impulsions électriques

DFense Fortress is the proud Canadian distributor of electric pulse gloves through its partnership with Compliant Technologies.

Electric Pulse Gloves are a great help in bringing things back to order quickly, without the permanent consequences that some other gear or weaponry can have.

The gauntlet is worn as is and quickly transforms into a conductive electric weapon.
It complements existing tools within law enforcement, corrections and public safety.

Users appreciate the fact that he is an “invisible partner”. The gloves enhance the user’s ability to subdue an individual in the midst of an intervention simply by using the tactical techniques and procedures already established by their agency, either individually or en masse. That’s why we call the glove the “force multiplier” and we’re happy to see it becoming, in some countries, a new policing protocol.



Gloves are force multipliers.
This equipment is one of a kind.
We consider it a major asset during a law enforcement intervention.